Carrier Revenue Recovery Service

Don’t leave money on the table—find and collect lost revenue with Daycos services.

Where We Find Money


Document Analytics

We double check documents for opportunities—such as the driver’s detention times.

Data Analytics

Shipments with higher possibilities of missed charges are our priority. We analyze by shipper, time of the year and lane and dock location to take potential roadblocks into consideration.

Rating Changes

We focus on shipments around the date of contract changes to ensure rating updates were applied.

Get Results

Daycos Carrier Invoice Reviews uncover revenue that would otherwise go unpaid. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • In 2020, we found money in 1.67% of shipments.
  • The average amount recovered per shipment is $3.67.
  • $120K Average annual revenue recovered per carrier.

What We Need

In order to streamline the review process, we customize our data exchange to match your current processes.

To get a Carrier Invoice Review going, all Daycos needs is:

  • Shipment list
  • Shipment documents
  • Access to the third-party payment platform
  • Contracts

Why Use Daycos?

We Only Get Paid if You Get Paid

If we don’t find and collect any money, it doesn’t cost you anything.

Stay Updated of Changes

Whenever a shipper point of contact or process changes, we share that information with you.

Hit the Ground Running

Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and always ready to help.

Improve Your Processes Through Us

You can utilize our findings as a training tool to improve your billing operations.

Ready to find revenue opportunities? Let’s talk.

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