Expedite Your Carrier Billing Process

When you have to access more than one system to generate an invoice for the work you’ve performed, it is time to reevaluate your process.
When your most seasoned representative generates only 3-5 invoices an hour due to the challenges that process presents, it is time to reevaluate your process.
When peak season is around the corner and you are trying to determine how many people to hire for the season to get invoices out the door, you need to evaluate how to get more done with fewer people.
When any (or all!) of the above rings true, it is time to reevaluate your process.

Revenue Assurance Service Benefits

  • Save Time (up to 30%)

  • Improve invoice accuracy

  • All your carriers and compensation schedules in one place

  • Complete control of your billing process online; rate and re-rate invoices as needed

  • Intuitive reporting lets you track the status of invoices

  • Custom features allow you to comply with specific billing requirements

The work required by agents to submit an invoice is staggering. Managing multiple compensation schedules, stacks of information, various systems and rating engines limits your ability to add efficiency to your billing processes.
Not anymore.
Presenting agere, an all-inclusive portal that facilitates and expedites your carrier billing process, removes manual calculations, enables rating, and sends a customized invoice to your carrier customer. Built by experts in the DOD HHG industry, agere offers its users rating and billing precision from forty years of passionate tariff expertise.
Gain up to 30% productivity improvements over your current process! Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how invoicing with agere allows you to do more.
View a sample invoice generated from agere; customizable with your logo and address!
Track invoices easily and download for integration into other systems!

Gain access to all invoice line items and calculations for each carrier and compensation schedule specific to your business!