In the spring of 2019, the Norfolk Panther JOI Clubs, made up of mostly 5th-8th graders at Norfolk Public Schools, requested a grant from Daycos4Good as part of our Youth Make a Difference Grants to help “brighten the Veterans’ day by having them receive a card or a note in the mail, which was written by some of the youth in Norfolk.

The project helped and encouraged youth to write cards and notes to veterans at the Norfolk Veterans’ Home. Many of the veterans do not receive much mail and some of them do not even get visitors very often. When just a card or note in the mail can really brightens their day to know that someone cares about and appreciates them, these kids asked Daycos4Good to help with some of the expense. Supplies where purchased over the summer and the cards would be made and begin arriving the first Sunday in September, Grandparent’s day.

This was the first batch with future plans for the veterans’ birthdays and Easter. They would like to give the cards to the veterans at times where they do not receive very much else from other people and groups.

Other groups are encouraged to help make and send cards as well.

Grant requested by Lucas Ransen on behalf of Norfolk Panther JOI Club .