Several administrative changes were made in the 2019 400NG and IT tariffs. USTRANSCOM is attempting to align the two tariffs with similar wording or formatting was introduced. These administrative changes may seem minor; however, we encourage you to review the tariff carefully.  

In some instances, the guidance has been moved and may not have been noted in the change log. For example, in the IT tariff, item 223 no longer contains guidance for the application of the SFR. This information has been moved to an earlier section of the tariff and is now under the heading “Application and scope”.  

In other instances, details may be removed altogether, such as in the application of fuel surcharge in the 400NG. Much of the information from the TR-12 was included in prior tariffs, but now only a link to a summarized version of the TR-12 is included. In some situations, the formatting change from paragraph format to bulleted guidance may influence tariff interpretations.  

In addition to those changes, there were several smaller invoicing related changes that we do want to mention.  

Bulkies (400NG, item 130)  

  • Riding Lawnmowers (including stand-on) were added back to the list of applicable bulky charges to be billed! There have been many times we are asked if we can bill riding lawnmowers.  
  • Only items specifically listed will be considered a bulky item. Items of similar size and characteristics to items listed are not eligible for compensation. 

Crating (400NG, item 105 and IT, item 508)  

  • Curved TVs in excess of 75 inches may now be crated. 
  • Crating will not be approved for furniture items such as rugs, sofas, tables, chairs, buffets, grandfather clocks, and other like items; unless there are unique features easily susceptible to damage.  

Split SIT and Partial Deliveries (400NG, item 17)  

  • The weight of each portion is billed on the actual weight of each portion, the minimum weight does not apply. 

Determination of Weight (IT, item 202)  

  • TSP may substitute manufacturer’s weight for automobiles, trucks, vans, campers and boats rather than obtaining separate weight tickets.  
  • A note was added that “clear, legible and unaltered” weight tickets must be obtained for each weighing of a shipment. 

We encourage you to review both tariffs in their entirety to capture all changes that may impact the shipments you service.  




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