The 2019 400NG and 2019 IT now contain additional invoicing and shipment charges for shipments destined for the Florida Keys region. Due to the lack of available agents in that area, domestic and international shipments destined for the Florida Keys, FL will now be awarded to a new rate area of US4965500.  

400NG Key points: 

Domestic shipments with a Zip3 of 330 that are in transit without a delivery address will be assessed by JPPSO Southeast for potential diversions to the Miami (or surrounding areas with Zip3’s of 331.) If diverted, shipments will be placed into Storage in Transit in those Miami or surrounding areas. 

  • You will need to obtain a GBL Correction Notice. It should contain information similar to the following: 
  • “This is a Diversion to Storage-in-Transit in the Miami or surrounding metropolitan area (with ZIP3 of 331) and that 400NG Items 28C para. 4 (Diversion), Item 35B (Florida Keys Service Charge), and Items 210C (Delivery Out SIT over 50 miles) apply.” 
  • You should not change the delivery address in DPS. The Delivery Address is to continue to show Florida Keys to ensure the GBLOC is not changed. 
  • If a shipment receives a delivery address after pickup, and the customer becomes available to accept delivery prior to arriving at the diversion point: The shipment will not be placed into Storage. 
  • You are entitled to additional invoicing charges: A Diversion Charge under item 28C, Florida Keys Charge under 35B, as well as a 210C for a Long Delivery out of SIT (Invoiced under the MISC Item Code 226A) 
  • For billing purposes on these domestic shipments, it is important that you provide a copy of the GBL Correction notice at the time of billing.  

IT key points: 

  • In addition to using the SFR for US4965500 as noted above, the Florida Keys Service charge has been increased to $10.00 per net cwt.  
  • Clarification has been added that shipments transported from or to Plantation Key, FL or Islamorada, FL and points south and west in the Florida Keys, will be subject to a Florida Keys Service Charge. 

We encourage you to review both tariffs in their entirety to capture all changes that may impact the shipments you service.  

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