Daycos is committed to protect the health and safety of our employees during this COVID-19 outbreak by taking all necessary steps to protect them. However, we are also committed to maintaining our service level and commitment to our customers during this time. We will be posting all updates to our continuity plans on this page.

Listing of Updates:
March 19, 2020: Phone Call Coverage Update

Initial Information(3.17.2020)

Daycos is Open and Processing Invoices In order to protect our Daycos team, we are moving towards remote, work-at-home arrangements for many of our employees. However, we are confident that this process will not lead to any disruption in our services. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we are temporarily suspending our 24 hour guarantee in processing time, but we fully expect that almost all invoices will still be processed and submitted in under 24 hours. For now, we are still maintaining some office staff and our office is open during our normal 8-5 Central time business hours, but that may change if the situation deteriorates. We will communicate any changes in our hours of availability as the need arises.

PPSOs are Approving InvoicesWe have been in communication with many of the invoicing approval personnel at the JPPSOs, and are optimistic they will be able to continue invoice approvals for the foreseeable future. Many are already working from home, and most of the others are making plans to do so. However, things can change very quickly, as we have learned, so we are recommending that TSPs submit all invoices as soon as they are ready for billing . We would prefer to get them billed and paid while we know the PPSOs are still available for invoice approval.

We are Here to HelpThis is an extremely challenging time for all in the industry, and Daycos is committed to doing whatever we can to help our customers survive these challenges. We are brainstorming ways to assist customers in generating additional revenue during this shutdown, and plan to communicate some ideas soon. In the meantime, if there is anything we can do to assist, please do not hesitate to ask. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (800) 366-1440 or . As always, thanks for your business and your continued support.

Phone Call Coverage Update (3.19.2020)

We continue to shift our employees towards working from home. By next week, we will have a very small number of people in the Daycos’ office. While we have not seen, and do not anticipate, any impacts to our ability to provide our services, we are making a change to the way we are handling phone calls. Starting next week, when you call our office you will receive a recorded message and the opportunity to leave a voicemail. That message will be transferred to a member of our customer service team who will return your call.

 While we have always prided ourselves on having a human being answer all calls to Daycos, we are making this temporary change to allow all employees to work from home. Also, you can always email with any of your questions, and they will be handled right away.

In addition, we are accelerating the implementation of a new help desk system we were planning to stand up prior to peak season. One piece of functionality that will be implemented immediately is the capability to have live chat support with one of our customer service employees. We think this will be an opportunity to get real-time support and assistance through your phone or computer. We will keep you updated once that capability is available.

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