The following post was penned by Daycos CEO, Brandon Day. It also serves as the forward to “Business For Good: The Daycos Story” which is an excerpt from Tammy Day’s book “Philanthropy For All: The Practical Guide to Doing More Good.” This new booklet focuses on how businesses can be a force for good and sheds a light on how Daycos has developed it’s do good purpose. 

I dread the question, “What does Daycos do?”

Whenever I get this question about the small business my wife and I own, I explain the niche we operate in—acting as a technology-enabled outsourcing company that handles billing, collections, and payment on behalf of moving companies.

I don’t dread the question because I don’t like explaining what we do. Rather, I dread it because it’s the least interesting question about our company. The question I wish people would ask, and the one I love to talk about is, “How does Daycos operate?” I believe what we do is a lot less interesting than how we do it.

From the outside, we are a very traditional (i.e., boring) outsourcing company operating at the intersection of transportation and finance. However, behind that external image is a small business that operates very differently from most small businesses.

How Daycos is different could probably be its own book, but the most visible difference is why we exist and how we choose to run our business. Daycos is a for-profit company, but profits are not our only goal. They’re a tool we can use to fulfill our most important mission: to do as much good in the world as possible. We seek to enrich our stakeholders, not our shareholders. How do we do that in a small business located in rural Nebraska? Well, that’s where things get interesting and is the question this excerpt starts to address.

Business for Good is an excerpt from a book my wife, Tammy Day, wrote called Philanthropy for All: A Practical Guide to Doing More Good. Philanthropy for All covers a wide variety of topics around giving back to make your community a better place, one of which is how businesses can more strategically direct their give-back efforts to have a greater impact. When she decided to write the book to capture the lessons learned from over twenty years of working in community philanthropy, it was natural to include a section on how we have used Daycos as a force for good. We’ve always believed businesses can play an essential role in improving our communities, and we wanted to have a way to highlight that strategy, as well as tell the story of how Daycos has evolved into the company it is today.

People sometimes believe that doing good with a business comes at the expense of profits. As you will see when you read this, that is the opposite of our experience at Daycos. Doing business with purpose has had a positive impact on our profitability, employee satisfaction, turnover rates, and our ability to hire and retain highly qualified employees, even in today’s tight labor market. And we believe that by making a conscious decision to use your business for purpose in addition to profit, every business can run in a manner that creates a positive impact while growing the bottom line.

So, consider this excerpt as a peek behind the Daycos curtain that will show you why we do what we do and how we do it. We hope it helps you learn a little more about Daycos and how companies can expand and enhance the ways they do more good. I invite you to read the excerpt to learn more about our experience and share the ideas that resonate with you. Take a step back and think about why you do what you do, and then consider how your business can make an even greater positive impact in your community.

To learn more, please reach out to to request a copy of “Business For Good.”

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