At Daycos, we believe that business is about more than just providing services and making profits; it’s about making a difference and being a force for good. One of the critical ways we embody this value is through our employee-led Community Investment Committee (CIC). This philanthropic committee actively seeks opportunities for Daycos to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Through strategic decision-making, the CIC oversees the allocation of grants from our Daycos4Good donor-advised fund, which has recently surpassed $200,000 in contributions. Since 2017, it has supported over 50 nonprofits and funded 130+ grants, enriching the lives of many in Northeast Nebraska.

Meet the Committee

Comprising six passionate Daycos employees, the CIC operates on a four-year cycle. The current members are Bonnell Penne, Danielle Anderson, Melanie Lippman, Andrew Hoeven, Neisha Lutt, and Scott Canary.

Investment Focus Areas

To be considered for Daycos4Good charitable dollars, applicants must fall into one of our four Investment Focus Areas:

  • 1

    Developing, Inspiring, and Building Capacity in Leadership

  • 2

    Growing Our Future Through Our Youth

  • 3

    Using Innovative Technology to Equalize and Improve Lives

  • 4

    Serving Those Who Serve (Military, Veterans, First Responders, and Law Enforcement)

Melanie Lippman emphasizes, “Those four focus areas really help us grow the community to be more of a whole and help everyone. You can really touch everybody within the community with those four focus areas.”

Grant Evaluation Process

Before each monthly meeting, committee members individually review grant proposals. They then convene for a collaborative discussion to determine funding recipients. “Going through the grant process and being a part of that is pretty cool,” said Bonnell Penne.

To learn more about our grant application process and additional criteria, visit our Daycos grant application page at

Grant Spotlights

Norfolk Family Coalition Childcare Grant

The CIC recently awarded a $10,000 grant to the Norfolk Family Coalition to address the area’s childcare shortage. In a recent feature by the Norfolk Daily News, Tammy Day states, “Our goal is to provide a funding source to assist these providers with needed renovations to pass inspections and open quickly to help meet the growing community need. With helping new providers build their business, our goal is to provide startup cost for them.”

“Bee Bots” Grant for Norfolk Public Schools

In 2022, Daycos4Good funded “Bee Bots” for Norfolk Public Schools, introducing elementary students to coding in an engaging, hands-on manner and fostering computational thinking skills from a young age.

Community Investment Committee Activities for Daycos Employees

Beyond grant allocations, the CIC organizes various give-back activities and nonprofit tours for Daycos employees. Last December, they led a holiday cheer initiative, providing teams $250 each to spread joy in the community. “All of these activities are important to keep Daycos employees involved in the community through philanthropy,” said Audrey Alder, a former Community Investment Committee member.

Every action we take at Daycos strives to embody our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the world around us. Our employee-led Community Investment Committee is a testament to this, actively seeking opportunities to uplift and support our community through strategic philanthropy. With a focus on our four investment areas, we’ve touched countless lives and contributed to the betterment of Northeast Nebraska. Discover the Daycos Difference at and join us in creating a brighter future for all.

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