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They say that art is food for the soul.

At Daycos, we believe that experiencing beautiful works of art should be an everyday experience.

In fact, a love of the arts has been embedded in our company culture for decades. In 1992, the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce commissioned a montage pen and ink drawing of Norfolk by Colorado artist Bruce Loeschen. The drawing was later sold at a fundraising auction to Daycos founders John and Connie Day and currently hangs in our facility as part of our collection.

Fast forward to 2015, when steps were taken to draw up the initial Daycos art plan. The aim was to create a welcoming and enriching environment for employees and visitors. The original intent was to showcase work from Norfolk-area artists that would breathe life into an otherwise ordinary office space.

Several pieces were selected to help set the tone of mindfulness and beauty throughout the facility. As the collection grew, it expanded to include artists from around the Midwest.

Today, the collection houses over 30 works of art by more than 20 Nebraska and Midwest artists. These pieces include oil, pastels, acrylics and other media.

We are proud to support the art community and would like to invite you on a virtual tour of our Daycos Curated Collection.

Visit our new landing page to learn more about the works we have on display and the talented creators behind them.

Celebrating art is another example of what makes Daycos different.


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