At Daycos we believe in realizing your full potential and being your best self.

Our vice president, Paula Alder, embodies that belief and has recently taken her desire to help others to the next level.

During a tumultuous period in late 2019 to early 2020, she discovered the power of transformation through coaching. She went into the experience with the aim of growing through her limiting self-beliefs about what she was capable of. She found it so empowering that she wanted to expose others to the potential it can unlock.

In 2021, she was exposed to a different philosophy of coaching through the Co-Active Training Institute and decided that she wanted to take the first step toward learning the fundamentals.

There are many schools of thought when it comes to coaching. The Co-Active approach felt the most natural to her, with a philosophy based on recognizing each individual, seeing their whole self, and meeting them where they are.

“That’s the thing I appreciated the most about it — that we’re all starting somewhere,” Paula says.

She felt connected after just one class.

Paula recounts telling a coworker about the initial training, “I feel like I’ve met a best friend that I forgot I had.”

After dealing with some health issues, she continued the rest of the coursework in 2023 through the help of the Daycos personal development program and the Community Catalyst Program.

Through the curriculum, she was able to not only learn the necessary tools but also apply what she learned while coaching and being coached by others. Having that layer of accountability and being able to utilize her new skills was a rewarding experience.

Not only did she come away with a newfound sense of self-assurance and confidence, she learned a lot about herself along the way.

“I feel like I know and understand myself better,” she says.

Paula feels that this has been a benefit to the company as well.

She says, “At work, I show up differently in the relationships that I have with our customers and with our partners, because I am asking them more open questions to learn and understand them better rather than just sharing information back and forth.”

Being open to vulnerability and developing at a personal level is not an easy task, but according to Paula, the struggle is the growth. “Understanding who you want to be, how you want to get there, and what you want to do is part of the growth.”

And her growth is undeniable. After 5 intensive sessions and 104 grueling hours, Paula completed the coursework and became an official Co-Active Coach. Now, she will be taking the next steps toward the certification process.

“I am so excited to begin sharing the beauty of coaching with others and to help them learn and find fulfillment in who they are and who they want to be,” Paula says.

Congratulations to Paula for this incredible accomplishment. Being better tomorrow than we are today, is one of our core values and part of the Daycos difference.

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