In the dynamic landscape of modern businesses, success isn’t solely measured by profits but by the dedication and longevity of its employees. At Daycos, we commit to fostering a supportive environment that encourages our employees’ growth and well-being. In fact, among our 54 full-time team members, the average tenure is an impressive 10.4 years. This blog explores the experiences of five individuals who have played pivotal roles at Daycos for many years.

Linda Matthies (34 Years):

As one of Daycos’ longest-serving employees, Linda is a true example of employee growth. From being hired as an auditor and transitioning to a self-taught coder, she has become instrumental in developing an entire program. She stands by our core value of being better tomorrow than we are today. Linda cherishes the family feel at Daycos, emphasizing the flexibility that has been a constant throughout her career. “That family feel is still here today. That’s one of the things that I love about Daycos.” Linda credits a healthy work-life balance for her long-term commitment to Daycos. “You can’t sit at home worrying about work because there’s nothing you can do until you get there tomorrow. You’ve got to mentally set it aside and not think about it. And vice versa.”

Marie Painter (34 Years):

Marie began her journey at Daycos alongside Linda, 34 years ago. From manually auditing paper shipment files to accessing digital images, she has seen the company evolve into a tech-driven environment. She highlights the technological progress, from having only one program on the computer to working with multiple screens, and the ability to work from home. A memorable moment for Marie was reaching her 20-year milestone, celebrated with a dinner party surrounded by colleagues and family.

Danelle McKeown (26 Years):

Twenty-six years ago, Sue Fuechtman, a longtime member of the Daycos family, crossed paths with Danelle during her tenure as a convenience store employee. Danelle was asked to interview at our office that day and was hired before it ended. Since then she has witnessed remarkable transitions, particularly going from paper to digital imaging. Danelle thrives in Daycos’ culture of building relationships for the long-term. “With the customers, there’s always something to talk about. As soon as I was able to get into that level at work, that was my thing. Building relationships and getting to know our customers,” she shares.

Lisa Jones (19 Years):

Lisa’s tenure at Daycos spans 19 years, and she appreciates Daycos for their commitment to employees: “A lot of companies focus on the bottom dollar and the profit of the higher-ups in the organization. It’s a complete night and day difference here. This is definitely an employee-driven company.” Daycos has helped her grow professionally by encouraging her to step out of her comfort zone and create her path to join the Norfolk Public Schools Foundation Board. “Looking back when I started, there is no way I would have ever joined a board. If Daycos wouldn’t have afforded me different opportunities that I’ve had while I’ve worked here, I don’t know that I would be doing a lot of the stuff now that I enjoy.” She also loves the flexibility aspect, so she can be available for her kids whether it’s to take a few hours off and help at school or go on a field trip.

Nic Miller (10 Years):

Nic’s journey with Daycos began working part-time as a student studying programming at Wayne State College. Nic has witnessed the company’s evolution, noting the improved level of excellence over the years. With this being his first job with his degree, he has learned many new skills to further his career. “Everything I know now, I learned from Daycos in terms of technical skills.” Nic highly appreciates the family-friendly and flexible company culture, which allows for a balanced work-life dynamic. The support for maintaining this balance includes the traditional 40-hour workweek, having the opportunity to work remotely, and the ability to take time off for kids’ school outings.

At Daycos, we thrive on our loyalty to our employees, embracing change, fostering agility, and maintaining a warm, familial atmosphere. The experiences of these fantastic individuals exemplify our dedication to creating a workplace that values growth, resilience, and a sense of belonging. It’s all part of the Daycos difference.

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