If you are a frequent reader of these posts, you know that at Daycos, we do things differently. In addition to providing excellent services for our customers and a great workplace, our business model focuses on doing business with purpose, balancing stakeholder interests and investments, and making the world a better place. As one of a handful of Nebraska B Corps, Daycos knows how to balance profit with purpose and use business as a force for good.

Our do-good roots run deep here and have been a part of this company since its formation 45 years ago, with John and Connie Day embedding the importance of community into the company and modeling what it means to be a good community business with a give-back philosophy. This foundation of giving back inspires all of us at Daycos to do things that make the world a better place in myriad ways. For me, that inspiration to do good and be good shows up most often in my work in community philanthropy.

For the past twenty years, I’ve helped businesses, organizations, and individuals do more good by connecting people, ideas, and community assets. Most recently, I found a way to share these stories, strategies, and do-good methods through the recent publication of my book, Philanthropy for All: A Practical Guide to Doing More Good.

This five-year book writing journey started as a way to capture the fantastic work being done in communities and share it with others, hoping to redefine philanthropy to make it more accessible and inspire others to do more good right where they are with what they have. While many books cover philanthropy, charity, and community change, few provide practical strategies for the average person interested in doing more good in their community. Many are written by famous people and focus on their own businesses, charitable giving, or nonprofits, often centering on the money aspect of philanthropy as it relates to billionaire giving or global issues. Others focus specifically on what’s wrong with philanthropy without identifying actionable strategies for the general public.

Just like Daycos is different, so is this book. With a focus on helping people understand how to use philanthropy for community change at the local level, where most people will have the majority of their giving-back experiences, this book provides an accessible, realistic approach to giving back. Everyone really can make a difference–no matter their age, socioeconomic status, training, background, life circumstance, or view of themselves. To grow and thrive in the future, communities and the people who live there have to find ways to do things differently and embrace the concept that everyone can contribute to the greater good–and, in fact, they must.

Written by Tammy Day – Chief Purpose Officer/Owner at Daycos, Community Philanthropist

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