2020 Invoice Related Proposed Tariff Changes
Reweigh Changes
USTC has proposed a number of changes concerning reweighs in both Domestic and International
programs. They are planning to implement shipment weight levels for each rank that trigger
mandatory automatic reweighs. For example, if you are moving an E-6 with no dependents, and that
shipment weighs in at or above 7200 lbs., you must reweigh it. And they are proposing quite the
hammer if you fail to do a requested reweigh, in the form of $400 “reweigh non-performance fee”
that must be submitted upon delivery of the shipment. One positive change is a proposed increased
reweigh fee to a $125 flat fee for both Domestic and International, and $50 for UB.

Estimated Weight Billing Limitation
One of the biggest potential changes when it comes to billing came in the form of a single
sentence: “The government will only pay costs associated on shipments up to 110% of the TSP’s
estimated weight.” This limitation is also contained in the GHC, and USTC is proposing carrying it
forward to the current program. While the wording is a bit awkward, we interpret it to mean that
the maximum billing weight is 110% of the original estimate. For example, if the estimated weight
was 10,000 pounds, but the actual came in at 12,000, you have to bill that shipment as if it
weighed 11,000 (110% of original estimated weight).

Agent Related Changes
USTC continues to increase the line items that must be passed through to service providers. On the
Domestic side, they are proposing adding Packing and Unpacking, and on the International side they
are adding SIT and delivery out charges. Another requirement they are borrowing from the GHC is a
mandatory “Subcontractor Payment Report”. This monthly report is described “detailing revenue
distribution to sub-contractors for all phases of the relocation, including specific detail for
those items listed in the NG/IT as ‘pass through items.’”

Unaccompanied Baggage Changes
There were some positive changes proposed in the UB areas. The minimum weight is proposed to be
increased from 300 to 400 pounds. Additionally, a number of rates were increased for UB service
items, some of them seeing a substantial increase. For example, the CONUS rate for SIT 1st day and
warehouse handling went from $2.82cwt to $7.05 cwt

Additional Proposed Changes
• Mileage will be removed from shuttle calculation.
• Manufacturers weights could be utilized for motorcycles.
• The partial delivery reweighs fee would be eliminated.
• A number of overtime and holiday related items codes would be added.

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