The 2024 400NG, International tariff, and the Tender of Service were recently released. USTRANSCOM indicated they had no intent to make any significant changes for 2024 to provide program stability on the verge of the GHC rollout. The release of the business rules has confirmed their desire to provide business rule stability, particularly regarding invoicing in the 2024 cycle. Listed below are a few highlights that we noted:

A GPA increase of 5.437930480% has been applied to most items in the 400NG and IT-24. In the IT-24, this increase was applied to all rates except for item 508, crating, which remains unchanged from the IT-23. We have not been able to confirm if any items were excluded for the 400NG, as the baseline rates have yet to be posted by USTC. They should be posted to their site soon.

Both tariffs have recently updated the baseline rate for the fuel surcharge, elevating it from $2.50 to $3.50. This modification directly impacts the Fuel Related Adjustment (FRA) policy. The fuel surcharge becomes billable when the EIA fuel cost exceeds $3.50, as opposed to the previous threshold of $2.50. Additionally, for each increment of $0.13 beyond the $3.50 mark, the TSP is eligible to receive a 1% adjustment.

Please note that these are billing-related changes, not a comprehensive list of tariff changes. We recommend all TSPs and service providers review the updated rules released through the USTC advisory email. These rules will soon be available on the USTRANSCOM Defense Personal Property Program webpage.

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