When we traditionally think of internships, we think about creating a talent pipeline for our companies. It gives students a chance to do meaningful work and have mentors to help prepare them to join the workforce following graduation. We see them as future employees. While that is important, Daycos takes a longer view on the investment it makes in the students who become part of our team as interns. Before they graduate from their college of choice, we hope our interns recognize a few more things.

First, they make all of us better. The addition of their questions, perspectives, and eagerness to learn breath energy into our existing teams. We love it when we get to see our teams collaborate around an idea or issue identified by our interns.

Next, our industry needs us to care about more than what happens within our doors. You don’t have to look too far through your newsfeed to know that the need for more people in the workforce is one of our country’s major issues. If we aren’t doing our part to expose the next generation to what the tech industry holds, we can only hope that those issues solve themselves. And while hope itself is a great thing to have, our core values include being part of the solution.

We also believe Nebraska (and we are particularly partial to the Norfolk area) is a great place to call home. We want to share our culture of belonging with them, so they know no matter where they end up working, they experience what it means to be part of a team that prioritizes doing good and being good. When an intern walks through our doors, they sit on a level playing field with our most seasoned veterans. They aren’t here just to learn, but to contribute to the whole. All while living and playing right here in the heartland.

These values are further evidenced by Kyla, one of our current interns and Wayne State College students, “The internship has meant a great deal to me, I have been able to learn what it is like in a real software dev environment, I have gained a ton of knowledge in preexisting concepts as well as learned entirely new ones that have helped my skill set as a programmer. The environment is incredible and everyone’s understanding and flexibility for me as a student is stellar, it makes me want to work harder than I can! I definitely recommend working with Daycos if you are looking for an internship.”

Creating a legacy in Nebraska means looking beyond just the needs of Daycos and our industry and into investing in the long term, which starts with the next generation of leaders who will take us forward into the ever-evolving future. The good life is worth it. It’s one of the things that make Daycos different.

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