For most people, the concept of team building brings to mind images of Trust Fall exercises and halfhearted conversation over a corporate-sponsored dinner.

At Daycos, we do it differently.

We prioritize communication and solid working relationships. With the fluidity of our team structure and employees occasionally shuffling between teams, we felt a need to focus our attention on strengthening our team health.

We believe everyone should have a healthy working dynamic, and we foster that in several ways. Teams are encouraged to plan an event every month that brings everyone together in a fun and unique way.

For some teams, it is merely taking time out of the office to enjoy a meal together. Other teams have taken a walk on the more adventurous side participating in mini golf, escape rooms, and bowling.

And for those of us really ready to get to know each other, Norfolk’s rage room has also been the site of team health events. Groups were able to throw dishes at the wall and pummel TVs with baseball bats and golf clubs. While the destruction may or may not have eased their work-related tension, many laughs were shared.

On the surface these outings provide entertainment, but the benefits run much deeper. Through these activities, colleagues are able to forge a bond that extends outside the office walls. Beyond the act of just getting to know each other, there is a level of trust forming behind the scenes.

When individuals come together to solve the riddles of an escape room, communication and problem-solving skills are honed. Those abilities are directly translated into efficiencies in their job roles.

Some of us have dedicated these events to a more meaningful connection, opting to discuss each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Bringing that back to the office, team members can be candid about their experiences and work together more fluidly.

For teams that have struggled to find that connection, we have brought in coaching resources to help facilitate meetings to build trust and accountability. Because we are all in this together, with collective decision-making, nurturing a fun work environment, and being better tomorrow than we are today.

At Daycos, our people matter. We want everyone to enjoy coming to work while also having the ability to collaborate seamlessly across all roles. It’s all part of the Daycos difference. Learn more at

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