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Identify Shipments with Missing Bunker & Air Surcharges


Bunker surcharges are a commonly overlooked charge. A TSP may be delayed obtaining the Ocean Bill of Lading (OBL), so the shipment is sent to invoicing without it to avoid holding up the rest of the charges. The intent is to bill the bunker on a supplemental invoice when the OBL arrives, but sometimes it never gets sent to billing, leaving uncollected revenue.

Daycos can help you identify shipments with missing bunker/air surcharges for the following shipment types:

  • Code D/2 with Alaska as origin or destination and no bunker surcharge has been billed
  • Code 4/7 and no bunker surcharge has been billed
  • Code 6/8 and no air surcharge has been billed


If you would like a report of all of your shipments since 1/1/2019 that fall into one of the above categories, please email, and we will provide you a spreadsheet listing eligible shipments. Review your documentation on those shipments, and if you find an OBL or Air Waybill, register that invoice as a supplemental with the document. We will get that revenue billed and collected for you.

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