Examine Pre-Approvals to Make Sure All Revenue was Billed

In today’s environment, we have evolved to the point where almost every billing item requires pre-approval. While this can add additional work and delays during the normal billing process, it does give us another method to verify that all revenue was billed on a shipment.

By examining which shipments had pre-approved services that were never billed, TSPs can make sure the revenue was not left behind during the initial billing process. Of course, there are many legitimate reasons why an item might have been pre-approved and never billed. However, during this time of limited cash flow, it would probably be wise to review these shipments and make sure there was a valid reason why the item was not billed. 

Daycos can provide a report to billing customers listing all shipments (from 1/1/2019 forward) where a service was pre-approved but never billed. If you would like a copy of this report, please email support@daycos.com. If you find services that were performed but never billed, you may register a supplemental invoice with us. Please include the appropriate supporting documentation in your registration, and we will get it billed and collected for you.

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