Ever notice how something that seems so simple can be surprisingly complicated due to the sheer number of steps it takes to complete the task? Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) billing is a great example of this! It seems so simple: submit paperwork, approve an invoice, get paid. In reality, it rarely is that straight-forward, even if there aren’t the distractions of other responsibilities at the same time.

In fact, Daycos’ NTS Revenue Recovery service – when we take a look at previous NTS work and billings to find and recoup any unpaid revenue for the agents – has found an average of nearly $50 per lot left on the table by in-house billing. And when you consider that it takes, on average, 15-20 minutes per invoice (without any discrepancies or delays) of hands-on work to ensure it successfully moves through the system in a timely manner, that’s even more money you are giving away!

(You could help reduce all this extra cost and unpaid revenue by having Daycos handle your NTS billing for $8 an invoice.)

In an effort to help ensure you are getting paid the money you have earned, here is a refresher of the steps necessary for billing and being paid in full for each NTS lot in your warehouse, under normal circumstances.

1. Submit paperwork to base.

This is the first and most simple step, but oftentimes can fall through the cracks. Ensuring that the complete paperwork packet is submitted to – and received by – your assigned office initiates the entire process. Without this paperwork, invoices cannot be created and thus payments cannot be made. This paperwork packet should include, at a minimum, a D1164, weight tickets, inventories, and warehouse receipt.

2. Verify in the US Bank system that base created invoice for appropriate timeframe.

There are three main types of invoices created for an NTS lot – Handle In (HI), Handle Out (HO), and Quarterly payments. These are created by the base and begin populating for your office to review in the US Bank system on approximately the 8th of each month. (Quarterly Invoices are paid – you guessed it! – quarterly and populate in April, July, October, and January).

First and foremost, you need to make sure that there is an appropriate invoice for each NTS lot that you serviced during the applicable time period – whether it be packing it up and bringing it into storage, keeping it safe and stowed away, or removing it from storage so it can proceed to its new destination. (Yes, you will need to have access to log in to the US Bank system to be able to access these invoices.)

3. Confirm invoice accuracy.

Once you verify that the invoice(s) exist for the appropriate services, it’s time to make sure the amount is accurate based upon filed & accepted rates, weights, and services performed. If you do not have this calculated automatically via an internal system, you need to manually create a rating for each service. Once you have those dollar amounts calculated, you need to verify they match between your calculations and the invoices that were created In the US Bank system.

In addition, you will need to add any accessorial charges that are applicable. These line items will not automatically populate, so it is up to you to identify them and add them onto the invoice when services are rendered.

4. Approve accurate invoices.

If you have verified the invoice is accurate and complete, you will need to mark it as complete in the US Bank system so that it moves to the next step in the payment process. However, if the invoice does not match your calculations, you must now work to confirm which number is accurate. If you are able to identify a mathematical error in your original calculations and able to match the amounts on a second and third attempt, you should feel confident to now approve the invoice in the US Bank system. Remember that concept from 7th grade math of checking your work? You always want to make sure it matches at least 2 out of 3 times and not just once.

There were more than 5,200 NTS invoices that Daycos identified as misbilled in 2021 alone  – and 88% of those errors would have underpaid the TSP for the work performed.

5. Monitor the US Bank system to ensure payment.

To ensure payment is made promptly, it is recommended to check the US Bank system daily to assess the status and progress of the invoice and payment. Sometimes, it may require a nudge to get the invoice moving, and it is best to be on top of this to ensure prompt payment into your bank account.

While it is true that NTS billing can be fairly straightforward and routine, it is not without its pitfalls that could prove costly. Whether that be in missed revenue or the time that could be spent on other tasks.

Taking the time to work through the steps above each month without distraction can help keep your NTS revenue flowing in full.

Daycos is always available to take the workload off your hands, freeing up time to be spent on other tasks and helping to ensure expediency and accuracy in payments into your account. Or if you’d like to see how you have been doing on your own, we offer a Revenue Recovery service to identify and recover NTS money you are owed that has not been paid to you.


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