Preparing for peak season in the moving industry demands a clear focus on billing efficiency to guarantee smooth transactions and prevent payment delays. At Daycos, we prioritize your invoicing needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best: moving. Here are some key steps to take to gear up for the upcoming peak season:

Update Your Compensation Schedule

Ensure each of your compensation schedules (comp schedules) are current. Knowing what you are able to bill for and at what rates will help create invoice accuracy on the first billing, which will help cutdown on your team’s workload.

If you utilize our billing services or MoversPay, ensure we have your latest comp schedules to prevent payment delays. This includes sharing rate modifications with us, mainly if your operations involve the NTS realm. If you’ve recently made any adjustments to your compensation or modification schedules, please forward them to us at to avoid disruptions.

Anticipate Billing Needs

Understand your team’s billing procedures and anticipate potential roadblocks. If your operations reach total capacity during peak season, have contingency plans to avoid billing delays. Will you bring on seasonal help? Will you outsource the overflow of invoices? Does it make sense to outsource a single market and work others in-house?

Consider our Full-Service Billing for Agents as a hassle-free solution to alleviate workload burdens. After you are set up for our billing service, there are absolutely no obligations until you need our assistance. And you only pay for the invoices we create on your behalf. Learn more about Full-Service Billing for Agents here.

Utilize MoversPay for Fast (and Free) Ratings

How will you determine which shipments you accept? Will this be by your profit margin, man-hour availability, or some other factor(s)? When it comes to establishing how much an estimated shipment could generate in revenue, take advantage of MoversPay, our complimentary shipment rating estimator tool. We will soon upload the 2024 400NG and IT-24 tariffs to the site.

By addressing these key areas, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate peak season challenges while maintaining efficient billing practices.

P.S.: For a quick read on further insights into ensuring timely and accurate payments on your invoices, check out “Getting Paid: Key Pieces of the Puzzle (for Many Markets).”

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