Reminder on Origin SIT Charges

When a shipment goes into Origin SIT, we are able to bill for services performed up to that point, including SIT 1st day, Origin SIT Delivery (drayage to the SIT facility), as well as any applicable assessorials performed. On Domestic shipments, we will also be able to bill for packing and the origin service charge. To have Daycos bill these charges, please register an invoice and supply origin documents, and we will be able to get some money collected even before the shipment has moved out of Origin SIT.

Missing SIT Delivery Charges

A recent change removed the requirement to have a signed DD-619 to bill SIT, allowing us to start billing off of information in DPS. One aspect of this change impacted our ability to bill the delivery out. Initially, it was not clear if documentation was still required to bill the delivery out of SIT charges. In the time before we received clarification, if a shipment had a delivery out date in DPS but no destination documents were received, we would bill only the storage charges but not the delivery charges. We would have sent a notification on each of these shipments, but we want to make sure our customers didn’t miss any of these charges.

We have created a report that can identify shipments that have a delivery date in DPS where SIT 1st day was billed, but not the delivery charges. If you would like a copy of that report for your company, please email If registered as supplemental invoices, we would be able to bill SIT delivery charges, fuel surcharge on delivery out, and destination service charge. A reminder that, while we don’t need you to send the DD-619, we do need at least one document sent in with the registration to start the billing process.

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