With a stated goal to increase capacity, USTRANSCOM issued a temporary authorization for billing long delivery out of destination storage on some shipments. We wanted to provide some context around that message and the application of the invoicing process.

First, while the advisory references Item 210C, the rules governing that item are contained in the 400NG and are not changed by this advisory. So, if the mileage between GBL Block 18 and the final delivery address is more than 50 miles, the long delivery charge would be billed under Item 210C, and this advisory would not apply.

The temporary authorization for billing the 210B long delivery charge (along with the regular 210A delivery out charge) only applies to Code D and Code 2 shipments with a requested pickup date between June 3rd and September 30th. (Note that this is not the delivery from storage date, but rather the original requested pickup date of the shipment.) If the shipment fits those parameters, then the 210B long delivery from storage can be billed if both of the following conditions are met:

  • The storage warehouse is more than 30 miles from Block 18 of the GBL


  • The distance from storage warehouse to final delivery address is more than 50 miles.

If applicable, the 210B charge and applicable FSC for delivery must be billed under the 226A miscellaneous item code. The advisory notes a specific EDI line note that must be included.

It is important to note that the 210B charge is not based on mileage. It is a flat rate ranging from $157.62-$186.57 before the discount is applied. While any extra revenue is beneficial, it is unclear whether this charge will be enough to increase capacity in saturated areas.

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